Auria Pro, Control Surface, and Audio/midi interface

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Auria Pro, Control Surface, and Audio/midi interface

Post by Radside » Mon Jan 04, 2016 2:27 pm

I finally spent some quality time attempting to use Auria with the Behringer X Touch control surface (2 units cascaded) and the Behringer X Air 18 and had some limited success. I only tested a few basic functions with the results below.

The good.
- Auria Pro connected with the X Touch in HUI mode. The X Touch has both Mackie Control (MC) and HUI modes as well as USB and midi connectivity. I only used the USB connections.
- Auria Pro actually recognized both X Touch units when they were cascaded via the internal X Touch USB hub.
- Basic transport, fader, pan, and the global view and midi view modes worked.
- The scribble strips from Auria tracks reflected on the X Touch digital scribble strip.
- Auria saw my audio/midi interface (Behringer X Air 18) which was connected via the X Touch 2 port USB hub. I was able to monitor track playback and recorded 1 audio track.

The not so good.
- Auria Pro did not recognize the X Touch using the MC mode.
- In HUI mode, the master fader did not work but I believe this is a limitation of the HUI protocol. Desktop DAWS have the same issue in HUI mode.
- No track levels were reflected on the control surface.
- The X Touch did not charge my iPad Pro which came as a huge surprise as I assumed this would work after researching the unit but Behringer has published very little information on these units.
- The X Touch units do not work very well cascaded as the slave unit only mirrors every function of the master unit as far as I could tell. I was hoping to at least get them to control 16 tracks but no joy there. I may continue to look into this but it was not working for me. My assumption is that maybe the device ID might have something to do with this but I'm probably wrong as I don't believe this matters when cascading the units with desktop DAWS. Bottom line, is I could only control 8 tracks, not 16.
- Not sure why but faders kept jumping to the bottom (minus infinity) as though automation was kicking in even though there were levels set above zero (demo track and test track). The X Touch faders never reflected the position of faders in Auria although they were obviously communicating.

Here are screenshots of my settings if interested.

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