Sample rate issues with iPad Pro / iPadOS

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Sample rate issues with iPad Pro / iPadOS

Post by JohnInBoston » Wed Oct 30, 2019 5:57 pm

Posted this over on the Audiobus forum on a topic related to Auria on iPadOS:

My experience has been that Auria Pro on iPad Pro still has sample rate problems if you run at sample rates other than 48kHz. If I load an existing 44.1kHz project and run out either the external speakers or headphones through the USB-C port, it is very stuttery and noisy. I believe this was considered a known issue with Apple H/W last year. If I go through my iCA4+ and set the interface sample rate to 44.1kHz, things are fine with a 44.1 project, but if the interface sample rate is 48kHz, it's the same as running through the on-board outputs (noisy & stuttery). I'm assuming this means Auria Pro has internal sample rate conversion issues, but don't know if this should be blamed on Auria or Apple. Otherwise, everything works fine. Projects at 48kHz have no issues, no graphics issues, no plug-in issue. I'm on iPad Pro 12.9", iPadOS 13.1.3.

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