Arming a track kills the interface (FR 18i20)

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Arming a track kills the interface (FR 18i20)

Post by Slaughtertown » Tue Dec 05, 2017 2:20 pm

Hello, Sorry that my first post here is about a problem. As a recent Pro Tools escapee, I am excited to try Auria Pro.

iPad Pro 9.7 (2016) with iOS 11.1 and 105GB free (only a few apps loaded, use for Notion, UC Surface and Kindle mostly)
Auria Pro 2.14 just purchased and installed last week.
Focusrite 18i20 interface - 96K/24 and basic routing (ch1-8 in, headphones and monitor out) set with MixControl via laptop
Official Apple camera adapter dongle (with USB and Lightning)
New 4-channel recording, input matrix (Auria) set channel-to-track (1-4 diagonal). No effects.

On my interface, I set the mic pre-amp gain to a nice level on the LED monitors. In Auria input-matrix, I see the same levels bouncing nicely along on the appropriate channels. Back to the mixer, if I press "Arm" for any track, either instantly or after 4-5 seconds, I lose the input signal and any "pre-amped" channel will have a repeating sound like a TR-808 "clap" at about 120bpm, while the others are nearly silent. (For example, if channels 1 and 2 had properly set gain, those tracks would have the "clap" sound, and channels 3 and 4 have just a bit of it). At this point, the LED meters on the interface are completely flat/dark and knobs unresponsive. I can still record (the clapping, not desired signal). Only resetting the interface power will clear this state, but anytime I arm any channel, this situation repeats.

If I turn off the interface and use just the iPad internal mic, I can record quite nice audio without problem.

If I use Garage Band (sorry to mention it, we are troubleshooting) I can record simultaneous multi-track using this interface without problem.

If I use Studio One Pro 3.5 or Pro Tools 12.7 with a Win10-laptop and this interface (usual setup), no problem.

Any thoughts about what I might be doing wrong? It all seems pretty straightforward. Sad part is I started recording an album for a men's chorus last week. I hoped to do it all in Auria/iPad (to show off) but had to start it in Studio One (still a first-time there, after leaving Pro tools).

Thanks in advance!

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