iPad Pro2021 M1 8 or 16GB

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iPad Pro2021 M1 8 or 16GB

Post by BrendonP » Wed Apr 28, 2021 3:13 pm

Hi. I am upgrading my old Air2 for the ney ipad pro.
Should i pay for the 16GB 1Tb version. What would be the advantage of the extra memory in relation to Auria.
Thanks Brendon

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Re: iPad Pro2021 M1 8 or 16GB

Post by Gary » Wed Apr 28, 2021 5:14 pm

I have been trying to research the new iPad release with the M1 chip. In recent days I read some articles on the amount of ram required for “content creation” with 8G being sufficient, (but it did not specifically say for music production). It did suggest though basically that 16 G would be over kill for most intensive programs, so who knows really if thats true.

Another few articles said there were problems being reported with SSD failures (in MACs) running the new M1 due to data swapping excessiveness. Maybe that wouldn’t be a problem though for the new iPad. I’d sure like to get one, but I think I’ll wait for a while just to be safe. Also the new pad now uses thunderbolt instead of USB C. I’m also using an old iPad Air 2 and its probably not going to see anymore updates after 14.3

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