audio waste ...

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audio waste ...

Post by hardattack » Sat May 02, 2015 11:37 pm


if my recording session ends, i have dozens of recordings that i didn't use anymore (waste).
auria is collecting all recordings, ok. but now i have hundreds of unused takes on my
ipad and i wanna ask if it's possible to create a special folder for recordings or imports, where i can
sort the used takes and the unused, the waste to delete. i know, that auria opens for every project a new
folder ... but all the imported samples e.g. are not stored in the project folder. if i want
import any audio, i see all the old samples in the opening window for importing sounds.
now there are dozens of samples that i wanna delete, because they are waste ... BUT - that
would take a lot of time if i have to do it manually. thats's why i ask if it's possible to create
special folders for that case which auria is able to use.

thanks for answering

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Re: audio waste ...

Post by King » Sun May 03, 2015 5:43 am

Hey @hardattach,

It is possible to drag audio files into other folders.
Tap and hold the file name (where it says Wav) and you will see it double itself. It takes a bit of getting used to but it's possible. You can create additional folders from within the Import Audio area. (Top right)

In Auria Pro we will also be able to rename regions, but I don't think we will be able to rename files as yet. It would be good if we could. Finding and deleting files is a bit of a chore, I have deleted files I did not intend to, because the file names are so close (similar).
Currently the only way to delete, is if you are not within the song you want to clean up.
This also goes for the moving of files, you have to open a different project. (You'll see!).

And if the folder you want to move the file to is out of view, Auria won't scroll. Hope Pro sorts that.

'Save region as' would be the best thing here Rim.

The non destructiveness of Auria is a good feature, but to be able to save and name a file that has been made by joining 20 different regions together would also be good.
I remember Rim saying it wasn't that easy to implement and I know it's on the list. It's important (for me anyway) as it will cut down a massive amount of disk usage. And general tidy-ness and organisation.

Once you have imported an audio file into a project, a copy of this audio is put into the project folder.
So if you have a file that you imported from Audioshare or other, it will go into the general default area first, but can be deleted from there once you have imported it into you song/project.

Make a 'Test Song' and play around with it until you know how it works.
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Re: audio waste ...

Post by rickwaugh » Sun May 03, 2015 2:17 pm

For more, the easiest thing is simply to archive projects to Dropbox once they are done. Take a long time to fill up a terabyte. Gets all the clutter of the iPad, as I delete the iPad project once it's been saved.

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