IAA and Plug Ins

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IAA and Plug Ins

Post by Trentsongs » Mon Oct 19, 2015 9:34 pm

I'm trying to sort out some annoying behaviors. If these have already been discussed, please redirect me:

1) When I load some IAA apps, e.g. iMini or JamUp Pro I lose all sound from all tracks, even ones that have no plugins. The meters still show the audio is playing. To resume hearing audio I have to quit the apps and restart Auria.
2) I have a similar problem with some plugins, e.g. Micro Warmer. Once loaded into any channel strip I loose sound from the track. If I disable the plugin, sound returns. This happens randomly.

Any suggestions.

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Re: IAA and Plug Ins

Post by Tourniquet » Tue Oct 20, 2015 7:21 pm


I have had similar things happen to me as well. I've posted here and on the audiobus forum about it. Random is the operative word.

One week/day I'll be using Bias FX or JamUp to record into Auria, through IAA or Audiobus, and it works perfectly. Then just because it's cloudy outside or something?, I can't get Auria to record Bias, Or, it may record Bias, but only in Mono on a stereo track. Just the other day, it recorded Bias FX, through IAA and I then took Bias out of the FX slot, and it was just my dry guitar sound on the waveform. Which I guess , on the AB Forum , I was told I need to press on the record button and make sure I select record effects. Which I understand, but I never needed to do that in the past?

I've also had it do what you describe, where I get no sound at all, when recording. I will admit that I don't fully understand the input matrix, and all that stuff, so there's that. But, it did work fine for me easy peasy....Then randomly it decides not to I guess. I've gone into settings, and monkey'ed with turning this on and this off. Sometimes that works, and sometimes it doesn't.

Maybe it's my ipad air? Maybe it just does funky things. I wouldn't doubt it. Right now, since Multitrack DAW was updated, I record into that, and transfer the tracks into Auria for the good stuff. I had all sorts of problems with MT DAW as well. A lot of the same issues.

O well, I can't wait till Auria Pro comes out. Cuz, I think magically all these goofy issues will be solved/fixed. Just like in MT DAW. :)

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