Will Auria Pro 'work' like the current version?

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Will Auria Pro 'work' like the current version?

Post by seachord » Sun Oct 25, 2015 8:18 am

I understand info about AP is scarce as it is hard to know what WILL make it to final release...

Would like to know if it is worth learning the current Auria controls while waiting for the Pro release. Some apps make a major change in the interface in 'pro' type upgrades making knowldege of the earlier version somewhat useless'

I'm not a pro sound engineer - just a new enthuisast that likes to have good stuff to work/play with. I've only been at it a month or so, and agonized heavily over what DAW to use. At first, the Auria promos made it sound SO intimidateing and left me with the feeling that if you weren't a NYC or Hollywood recording engineer, you would be out of your league to get it... In the end, I did go for it as Auria seems to be embracing newer technology. And once I bit the bullet and began plaing with it - it isnt quite so bad! Yes - some of the fine controls are really only relevant to the serious sound engineer - but they aren't NECESSARY - and the enthuiast can take advantage of the easy editing, effects, etc.

So - as it turns out since I will only be working with other iOS app (maybe a keyboard someday) I'm heavily dependant on AudioBus for a reasonable workflow - which as we all know is currently (10-25-2015) not working. So to begin learning the Auria interface and controls I've begun working with IAA - and GAK! - many app don't support that - or it doesn't work right coming in from Auria! Thus working with Auria at this juncture is not easy. :cry:

It would appear I've joined this fray at a time of major transision (iOS9/Auria Pro 'any day now') and it does make working with Auria (esp for a newcomer) a bit of a challgenge. But I've been writting off that effort as it is a great learning process.. Then it struck me that MAYBE when AP decends from the Heavens (!) - the controls may be so different that all my current tinkering may be useless.

So - while essential functional details of AP must remain avalible only to those who signed the NDA - could we at least find out if the primary controls will still be the same - will skills gained pre OS9 be still applicable?

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Re: Will Auria Pro 'work' like the current version?

Post by richardyot » Sun Oct 25, 2015 8:55 am

The sneak peeks that were shown earlier in the year would imply that the UI and the workflow of Auria Pro is simply going to be an evolution of the existing Auria. So anything that you learn now will still apply.

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Re: Will Auria Pro 'work' like the current version?

Post by rickwaugh » Sun Oct 25, 2015 10:57 am

No question, any effort you make to learn Auria as it stands will not be wasted. That's all I should probably say.

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Re: Will Auria Pro 'work' like the current version?

Post by seachord » Sun Oct 25, 2015 1:03 pm

Thanks for the confirmations... wasn't looking for any 'hot secrets' - but def good to know my current efforts will be not in vain. :mrgreen:

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Re: Will Auria Pro 'work' like the current version?

Post by mididrum » Mon Oct 26, 2015 11:53 pm

the only WRONG side of waiting so long the AURIA PRO Version turned me into CUBASIS expert...
BUT...as long as YOU don't need MIDI EXPERTISE....
to SOUND easy and PRO ..keep on .USING Auria App: PRO sounding is quick, cheap and easy :

1)for DYNAMICS : PSP Micro Warmer and/or FXpansion Bus Comp
ALSO inseted into MASTER channel some balance compression gluing ALL out of "PSP old Timer" to ADD juice
DO use the AURIA SOFT LIMITER (brickwall) output ON

2) for EQ rather than old fashion Channels strip: insert there for on screen twisted harmonics the Fab Filter Pro Q

3)Keep AUX FX dedicated to ( any cheap reverb/chorus App ) , use Fab Filter SATURN to ADD fabulous...EQ DIST Harmonics

4)Auto Mix Down the SONG straight routed to AUDIOSHARE then...
insert into Audioshare using its FILE player/ Re recorder screen: any FINALIZER app :AUXFX: PUSH, Final Touch,Master FX
Using their PRESETS: your AURIA recordings will turn YOU into SOUND PRO WIZARD...just use ears and eyes..
NO BRAIN Needed! just SAVE your settings ...

OS9 APPs gets updated everyday so....Don't worry : Bugs will disappear before YOUR bugs do at learning-missing !
And PRAY to get an iPAD PRO for Christmas gift'''....matching AURIA PRO...delivery...?

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When is Auria Pro planned to be released?

Post by jgagich » Sun Nov 29, 2015 10:22 pm

I have been watching for a year and a half. It's time!!!

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