EWI and MIDI editing

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EWI and MIDI editing

Post by jdiercks » Sun Dec 06, 2015 5:04 pm

So far, among the iOS MIDI trackers that I have tried (admittedly, I have not tried many), Auria Pro seems to be the best for recording MIDI data from an EWI wind controller, with all of its heavy use of CCs for breath, portamento, pitch bend, vibrato, etc. It's exciting to know that I'll have more flexibility than I've had in the past to record MIDI from EWI and later remap it to different patches or instruments, and make edits like transposing and re-arranging notes.

Still, I have encountered a few challenges, and I hope that they might be easily addressed in a future Auria update.

First and most significantly, when I record MIDI from the EWI and then go into Auria's piano roll editor, if I tap on a note, which should normally cause the note to play for reference, no sound comes out. This is because cc2 (or whichever cc was triggered by breath on the EWI and mapped/learned to volume on the target synth) is sitting at zero, which is the normal state after the last note that was played. The problem can be worked around by playing the track and pausing in the middle of a note, then continuing to edit, but this is clumsy and must be done each time the cc is zeroed by recording or playback.

One possible solution (probably the simplest) would be for Auria to provide a setting like "Force cc[2] to [64] during piano roll edit", where the cc number and value could be selected by the user as needed. Then, whenever a note is tapped in piano roll, that cc would be set to the desired value before the note is sounded.

Another issue involves the occasional need to re-map cc data after recording. For example, I might set the EWI to send breath as cc2, make a recording, and later decide that I want the same MIDI notes to be redirected to a different synth that needs cc11 instead. I'm not finding any way to re-code those recorded MIDI events to a different cc#. It would be nice if a Process Menu function was provided for this, or maybe a way to cut/paste from one cc view to another within the piano roll editor.

Thanks for this great upgrade to an already great iOS DAW. Looking forward to making some great music with it.

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