MIDI controllers vs Auria Pro

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MIDI controllers vs Auria Pro

Post by BennieTonini » Mon Oct 17, 2016 12:06 am

Hello wonderful people of Auria,

Why does Auria only supports Mackie protocols to use external hardware?
I guess the most of the hobby producers use a MIDI controller.
My Akai MPK 225 has a lot of rotary knobs and my former MPK 61 had a lot of faders
wich are pretty useless in Auria except for MIDI learn inside some apps.
I've tried the search function on the forum but after an hour I get the impression
that it is a lot of work to get MIDI controllers to work with Auria.

Never the less I hope in the future it will be possible.
My pads and keys are working so that's nice!

Greetings, Bennie

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Anthony Alves
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Re: MIDI controllers vs Auria Pro

Post by Anthony Alves » Tue Oct 18, 2016 3:06 am

Until the release of AUM, Auria was the first and only iOS daw to have hardware control over the mixer. Although AUM offers midi learn for its transport and mixer it does not include full daw control although in time this may change to include control over more aspects of the app and certainly an incentive for Auria to be the most controlable daw on iOS. Auria's transport has always been mmc controled and that can be done by most midi controlers. When implimented properly Mackie Control can have deeper control than any other midi and is ready to use with no setup involved. As a Mackie MCU Pro user I see a ton of potential for this to really be a strong point in Auria. We could essentially have a full daw control like Apples Logic Pro such as Create a track,delete a track,add inset,send FX,Returns,jog wheel,set markers,edit plugins,edit channel strip,link channels... and so much more. Because Auria has this language code imbedded into itself means that the potential is already there. It only requires fine tunning and we could see this type of pro daw control in Auria. Maybe when Rim has most of the bugs out of the way he will develope this feature more after all eventually there will be very few features to add to AuriaPro that full Mackie Control will be looked at although we may have to wait for the sampler/editor to arrive first(just my guess not a fact). I purchased everything in my studio in advance of AuriaPro knowing that Rim would eventually incorporate those new features, I've not been wrong yet as everything and more was added to AuriaPro. I purchased a full 24 channels of Mackie Control because I believe one day soon AuriaPro will let me use every bit of that investment and with the release of the Presonus FaderPort 8 these multi channel units are becoming more affordable. Cheers.

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Re: MIDI controllers vs Auria Pro

Post by martygras » Wed Oct 19, 2016 11:30 am

I know the Arturia Beatstep can send out MMC messages. Maybe I can use that for some of this.
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Bob Amser
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Re: MIDI controllers vs Auria Pro

Post by Bob Amser » Mon Nov 21, 2016 1:23 pm

OK, wading in once more with the stoopid question, but Christmas is coming and I've been good, but not THAT good, so was thinking about going two's up with my daughter on getting a midi controller. Would the Akai Professional APC mini link with faders and functions such as start / stop in Auria:


I think not, looking at this thread, but I am a technical ignoramus and wondered if anyone else knew? My daughter wants the Novation Launchpad Mini, which is less use to me (no knobs or sliders) but could be fun if it could start and stop things and the pads could trigger samples..?

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