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Re: Auria constantly crashing

Post by Jmcmillan » Fri Jan 20, 2017 11:20 am

No problem!
I hope to still use Auria for mixing. Cubasis mixing and effects are very basic (no Fab Filter, no busses, no sub groups, etc.) I will probably rough in the tracks with Cubasis and transfer it to Auria for mixing.

I think a lot of Cubasis users are Cubase users on PC, so they rough in tracks on Cubasis and then transfer to PC Cubase for final mix.

I want to use iPad only, so I think I will try the workflow of Cubasis tracking , then to Auria mixing. I think Auria for Audio works really well. Somehow they made those demo tracks without hick ups, right?!? And they sound really good!

Side note: one feature you might need, but won't find in Cubasis is tempo changes and time signature changes. These are better supported in Auria. There is no tempo track capability is Cubasis. I think you can change time sig from 4/4, but not sure which time signatures are options.

Good luck!! And enjoy making music. I think I might take a break from recording and practice guitar more :)

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Re: Auria constantly crashing

Post by Lonelypunk » Sun Feb 19, 2017 3:13 am

I've just looked back here for first time in a while, sorry I stopped responding.

After getting no response from the team in this post and to my many many crash reports I gave up with auria and bought cubasis and I can say that it's 1000x more stable. It's got a much faster workflow and generally just a lot easier to get things done. Shame I bought all the plug ins for auria that I can't use with cubasis but I have transferred some tracks to auria to use fab filter q on. Hopefully in the future wave machine labs will iron out all these problems but for now my advice is try cubasis and save your sanity. I've not lost a single project with cubasis where as auria I lost 2, one of which I'd put a lot of time into. Not funny in the slightest!

Cheers for the input I got in this thread

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