Problems running Auria Pro on iPad 2

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Problems running Auria Pro on iPad 2

Post by Trash » Sat Apr 01, 2017 1:58 pm

Hi -
I've recently started using Auria Pro (as a replacement for my old Tascam Hard Disk 8 track recorder).
I'm currently trying it on my old iPad 2 but not having great success.

I can't seem to record anything of any length without running into 'Disk Overload' which in turn stops the recordings. I don't have any fx or anything running.
I just tried making a basic recording using the inbuilt mic and an acoustic guitar and I got a Disk overload' message 1min and 40secs into the recording.

I realise that the iPad 2 is pretty old (only runs iOS 9.3.5) so I am wondering whether this issue is caused by the age of the iPad2 or something else.

I'm hoping to get an iPad Pro as soon as I can afford it - am I likely to have more success running Aria Pro on that and in the meantime is there anything I can do to give me better results on my iPad2 (I've increased the buffer size to 4096 and made sure that there is nothing running in the background).

Many thanks for help and advice.

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