Beathawk AU and Unexpected Noise

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Beathawk AU and Unexpected Noise

Post by Tovokas » Wed May 16, 2018 3:52 am

When I have Beathawk loaded as an AU instrument, whenever I press stop, rewind to the beginning of the song, mute/unmute the Beathawk track, or arm any track, Beathawk sounds off with an atonal squawk based on the instrument currently loaded. The VU meter for the track jumps when the sound is triggered, seemingly indicating that the instrument is receiving midi data. The behavior continues even if the Beathawk track isn’t armed to record. Muting the track will silence the sound, but it’s still ‘playing’ in the background since the vu meter is still reacting.

I’ve tried changing all the settings in the ‘Midi Control’ dialog for the track with no effect. No other AU instrument in my arsenal behaves this way. It’s a tough problem to overlook or work around since Beathawk fills so many needs I use it on almost every song. :)

Anyone else experiencing this?

[I’m using up to date versions of both Beathawk and Auria Pro on my original iPad Pro 12.9].

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