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Stems questions

Post by Alteredmoods » Mon Aug 27, 2018 4:58 am


I’m curious as to how stems work exactly.

The manual says that they bounce as WAV files, with effects and automation.

Does this include subgroups at all? It does not appear to. I know that busses are not included from reading the forum.

Does it include fader settings? Like, for example, if I have a fader on a channel set to -10, is the sound going to come out as faded to that level, or is it acting like the fader is set to unity?

Sounds appear to come out much louder than my reference mix. Do I need to set faders for the stem channels to what they were set to in the original project for the track volumes to be near what they are in my reference mixdown? Or am I missing something in the mixer settings?


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