IAA or AUV3 modern selection

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IAA or AUV3 modern selection

Post by mididrum » Sat Feb 09, 2019 10:17 pm

dear Rim
i know you changed better selection by alphabetic order… BUT as ALL PRO mixers and DAWS use LOGOS we know MUCH BETTER than … 300 IAA/AUV3 names listed we get quick and BETTER on offer from ANY DAW/mixer without feelings lost…
I had to MIGRATE LIVE recording to AUM for this ONLY REASON: too much time LOST at choosing …wrong IAA touching Auria narrow lines, or undecided about names
you might be the LAST DAW without ERGONOMY needed to PLAY or EDIT fast enough to KEEP ideas ot feelings BEFORE turning ANGRY…
When we want to play+record IDEAS with feelings …FIRST we must decide quickly from and into which DAW …to PLAY instruments (IAA/AUV3)
AURIA (my best dream since Years) is NOW my LAST choice (ONLY for this reason ) check U TUBE : How many DEMOS use AURIA ,HOW many use AUM ?
UTUBE is the best support for merchandising DAWS …and IAA
please be NICE for PRO or beginners specially with big fingers fishing wrong IAA randomly got out your only narrow alphabetics listing, any mistake oblige to read back again and again from beginning my Auria list Of 300 NAMES on offer… Green,Blue…that's NOT ENOUGH : check AUM,Garageband, CUBASIS
and so on …
While in a hurry to PLAY-Recorded My DAWS list (i get ALL) uses only 2 choices …where AURIA cannot be included anymore…
Auria is Number one ONLY for AUDIO recording, NUMBER LAST (pity!!!) for IAA instruments playing with QUICK effects added and Audio routing (AUM!)
GOOD LUCK AURIA records MIDI… after 5 minutes spent to get WHICH IAA can better FIT music idea…gone after 5 minutes at fighting Listing …
best regards from an EX-AURIA LOVER
example of IAA or AUV3 icones offer

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