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Song Pitch shift...

Post by Trash » Tue Aug 27, 2019 1:21 pm

Checking through the boards it seems this question has been asked in various forms before but I am not sure if anyone has asked exactly the use case I want/need.

On my physical hard disk recording setup I have a pitch/playback speed knob which I use(d) for two things:

1 - Adjusting the playback pitch to match instruments that are not tunable (e.g. trumpets)
2 - Adjusting the pitch of a song to make it easier to sing (I have a limited vocal range :D )

From reading the forums it seems there are ways of pitch shifting individual regions of tracks but nothing that allows the whole of a song to be pitch-shifted while recording a particular instrument and then returning the song to it's natural pitch on playback. Is that true? Is this a planned feature by any chance?

Many thanks

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Anthony Alves
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Re: Song Pitch shift...

Post by Anthony Alves » Thu Oct 24, 2019 12:28 pm

F you want to pitch shift an entire song than mix down your tracks to one stereo file and pitch shift or Pitch as its called in AuriaPro the entire track. Most hard disk recorders of the past only vari speed 10-15% of the origional speed. This amount is easily done in AuriaPro using the Pitch under Options after taping the region and surrounding it blue which means that region is ready for editing. Cheers.

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