Multiple "New Project"s and Transport question

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Multiple "New Project"s and Transport question

Post by joe12stories » Sat Jul 11, 2020 5:53 am

A couple of requests and a question:

Request 1:
Can Auria be set to NOT create a new project every time the previous one crashes? Instead how about having it just reopen one plain "Recovery Project" (or whatever name) instead of incrementally creating a new, unwanted project every time? This would save a lot of time consuming cleanup.

Request 2:
Larger transport buttons (maybe an option for a large floating transport that you can pop out like the master meter).

I've seen this bug reported in other threads, but not a fix. The transport will occasionally freeze when minimizing or switching away from Auria. You can re-enable the transport by minimizing and switching back to Auria again without having to close it.

Thanks. Really loving Auria in spite of these annoyances.

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