save project copy bug + create new folder bug

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save project copy bug + create new folder bug

Post by offthesky » Fri Sep 21, 2012 2:06 pm

to be safe, i've started trying to make regular iterations of projects as i'm working on them. i decided it would be easiest and most organized to have each project(and all iterations of it) all kept within it's own subfolder. i ran into a couple bugs along the way of doing this:

1. menu>new project - call it "test 1"(give it 0 or only 2 tracks)
2. menu>load project - create a new folder here(call it "test folder"). NEW FOLDER BUG: if you create a new folder with the exact name of your project (in this case, we would call it test) - another bug occurs: there are now two projects called test(both have the project icon; auria is confused and thinks the new folder we made is actually a project and so we cannot access this folder)
3. move the project "test" into "test folder"(btw, i also tried moving test while a different project was open, one called "new project" - didn't make a difference making the bug occur)
4. hit cancel to close the file browser - make sure "test 1" project is loaded(from within the subfolder we just put it in).
5. menu>save copy of project (call it "test 2") - the popup alert stating "Can't save the project" will occur. kill/restart auria
6. open Auria, i should just have loaded an empty project. menu>Load Project. navigate into the "test folder" and load the project called "test 2" - seems to have made a copy anyway right? well make some changes to "test 2": add 2 more tracks
7. menu>save copy of project (call it "test 3") - hit okay. you'll get the same "Can't save the project" alert. kill/restart auria
8. Open Auria, menu>Load Project. navigate into the "test folder" and load the project called "test 3" - seems to look exactly like test 1(with either 0 or 2 tracks that you gave it in step 1).
9. Any subsequent copies made of "test 1" within the subfolder will have all the settings of "test 1" so it seems it's impossible to currently iterate on a project within a subfolder

i hope that makes sense! let me know if any of it is confusing

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Re: save project copy bug + create new folder bug

Post by Rim » Sat Sep 22, 2012 11:07 pm

Yes, you can't make a folder with the same name as the project currently, or you'll run into issues like you describe. It's an easy fix, and I'll add it to the list. Thanks!


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