2 issues with midi in auria 2.08

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2 issues with midi in auria 2.08

Post by egmusician » Thu Dec 01, 2016 2:47 am

hello everyone,

i have an ipad pro 12.9 running ios 10.1.1 and auria 2.08 with a microkey connected through the camera kit.
so far, i'm having two main issues which prevents me from recording midi normaly
the first one being that every IAA instruments i have only appear under the fx insert section of the midi track and very few of them appear under the instrument dropdown which forces me to record them as audio only. i wonder what's the reason behind that for ex: waldorf nave, thor, imaschine and jordantron to name just a few all appear normaly in the fx inserts but none of those appear in the instruments where they should belong.

my 2nd issue is: even if i choose one of the few instruments which appear under the instruments dropdown menu like the im1. and change its output to direct output, i only hear that instrument and none of the other audio or midi tracks in the project are heard.

any help would really be appreciated

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Re: 2 issues with midi in auria 2.08

Post by The Lord Med » Thu Dec 01, 2016 6:46 am

I'm having a similar problem too with IAA, the Korg iMS20 and ODYSSEi synths are only showing in effects and not as instruments. Other synths behaving as they should.

iPad Air 2, iOS 10.1.1, Auria 2.08


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Re: 2 issues with midi in auria 2.08

Post by Rim » Fri Dec 02, 2016 6:57 pm

This is something you'd need to contact the IAA developers about Every IAA can decide what category to show up in, and those particular developers must have decided to build their apps so they are instruments only, not effects.


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Re: 2 issues with midi in auria 2.08

Post by The Lord Med » Sun Dec 04, 2016 1:24 pm

Thanks Rim, I'll do that.

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Re: 2 issues with midi in auria 2.08

Post by mididrum » Wed Dec 07, 2016 12:20 am

To solve that midi recording IAA trouble YOU NEED to use that many TIPS :
FIRST:USE AUM to mix, Monitor what ever ( most!) IAA YOU NEED to record into AURIA midi TRACK AS WELL AUDIO TRACK

TO record Auria MIDI track(S) :
1)use if possible AURIA settings with SMALL buffers (128/256) separate rec/play (256 maxi)to save LATENCY midi played
2)Open separate (if needed) Auria MIDI TRACKS>CHANNELS : can RECORD multiMIDI Ch FROM ANY MASTER MIDI KEYBOARDS, OUPUT each midi bus out to whatever IAA YOU GET already open into AUM , as detected (or not : NO MATTERS ) by Auria midi outport bus (in EACH AURIA midi track/channel : BUS OUT choice)
anyway, AUM can PLAY incoming midi signal directly played from keyboard , while AURIA can record it ALSO DIRECTLY
MORE easy (maybe?) NOT to link Auria uneeded (?) midi bus outs ( up to your CH needs) at playing step to recording
working in an Auria SINGLE MIDI MASTER channel could ALSO do:then later you CAN COPY that midi track to any others Ch with editing at will (CH , notes for split/layer and so on) for EACH MIDI TRACK TO play EACH AUM IAA connected (or NOT)

TO Play /_record Midi into AURIA ( AUM cannot)
from Auria settings menu midi outs page as well from auria Midi tracks bus out, as well from AUM EACH tracks midi in (?)
or also AUM Midi Matrix settings ( !!!) do your connection choice...until AUM midi IAA can Play : connected to keyboard or Auria track(S)as played :.choice is yours at any Midi IAA bus IN ( if bus in are available) at BOTH aum/IAA MIDI SETTINGS,
your AUM IAA app(S) can play DIRECT from midi master keyboard ( close Auria Midi tracks bus out to save from double midi notes possible) .
ANYWAY AURIA will RECORD each track channel played, while AUM can PLAY FREE - first from master keyboard, THEN LATER :.AUM will play back each open midi bus TRACK recorded as routed into AURIA midi bus out(s)

AL AUDIO monitoring (AUM+AURIA)
you can ADD an AURIA channel ( any auria port on choice!) Head Track choice INPUT of created (+) into AUM :.to MONITOR (ANY AURIA BUS) needed to listen AURIA audio playback (mix of its midi iaa Auria agreed, as well audio tracks mix out,or SUBS) added to akready open into AUM -as many- IAA tracks needed for YOUR convenient balance with AURIA MIX without switching screens to AURIA
take care iPad Processor load from AUM+Auria (both linked) at SETTINGS buffers choice (seen on both apps Load monitor)

2 options :
1) you rec into AUM its SEPARATE (or not) IAA tracks or ANY SUBMIX : Later IMPORT EACH WAVE RECORDED into AURIA audio tracks : EACH from AUDIOSHARE (where they are auto recorded from AUM (saved to -first- NAMED AUM folder) and will play later sync into AURIA : imported waves to new AUDIO TRACKS (close its midi tracks!) while ANY waves gap (none!) of synchro can be EASY ALIGNED into Auria WAVE SCREEN after Importation

2) Up to you to prefer to audio RECORD into AURIA ANY or all live played AUM IAA :
recorded LIVE PLAYED in AUM but ALSO directly into AURIA separate AUDIO tracks
ANOTHER TIP will be needed :
A) each AUM OUTPUT IAA TRACK needs to be routed into AUM tracks SEPARATE choice of (8) "IAA /AUDIOBUS OUTPUT

B)'open AUDIOBUS APP>there OPEN as many (8?)AUM BUS numbered slots screened AUDIOBUS Heads "AUM bus"as set up(8?)

recording tracks you have ( A/B FIRST) AUDIOBUS>Aum opened Slots inputs (now AURIA WILL appear as DESTINATION
auto set : screened as well into each of AUM slots!)

D) whatever EACH Aum slot level is recorded into AURIA from your AUM mix choice (post fader) , the NEEDED monitoring of
ALL AUDIO mixed by AUM < AURIA back into AUM FROM AUM head AURIA TRACK ( take care NOT to send (loop)it back
again to AURIA REC TRACKS from wrong AUM bus out choice ( that AURIA AUM track needs to be set to HARDWARE out)

E ) always OPEN AURIA LAST and ALL AT ONCE to get ALL AT ONCE REC TRACKS. NOT one by one (whose bug ???!)will bypass
the PREVIOUS links Audiobus >Auria recording ready set separate track(s) (now recording NOTHING on return !!!)

F ) of course more simple : you could open AUM as IAA target into AURIA MIDI TRACK , but it will be a MONO MIDI CHANNEL

MY TIPS Look like uneasy but NOT so much compared to the EASE you GET from Choice of Audio/Midi FREEDOM results
at editing : BOTH midi and Audio recorded might get NEW edit, duplicate, and routings out: to get later MORE IAA played
Sounds from....unplayed tracks (added)

AURIA midi+AUDIO is a wonder, while AUM FREEDOM and SAFETY is a Miracle, add AUDIOBUS magic rec auto connect to
AURIA PRO………will turn composers into FREE WIZARDS...!!!

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