Crashing and File Corruption

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Crashing and File Corruption

Post by Snekia78 » Sat Mar 18, 2017 9:52 am

iPad Pro 128GB I am using Auria as my main DAW. My usage is simple: I'm recording audio tracks which I haven't had any major problems with yet. Only with a few plug ins not loading at times.. ( Vir Syn Audio Reverb, anybody have success loading this ?)
The PROBLEM COMES when I am doing some copy, paste, split, and track gain editing.

I have lost weeks of hard work where certain tracks have corrupted and useless now. I have upwards of 75GB left of storage space and my CPU has never maxed. Effects are few and applied Aux to minimize CPU usage. It's simple stuff here so I don't underrstand.

I'm very upset and disappointed as I've have spent a lot of $ of the program and plugins and hardware compatible with iOS.
I am working professionally and have lost many many hours of work over this and am considering going back to computer based system

Why isn't basic programming working for this professional grade daw with the highest end hardware ???

Can you fix this Drumagog? And can you compensate for my Losses, kindly asking

Software chain:
Auria Pro ( always updated)
Wavelab and Fabfilter plugins
Audio Reverb ( aux chain)

Thank you

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Re: Crashing and File Corruption

Post by King » Mon Mar 20, 2017 7:17 am

Hey @Snekia78,

" certain tracks have corrupted and useless now"

You may need to elaborate on this, so peeps can help out.

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Re: Crashing and File Corruption

Post by Makyo » Tue Mar 21, 2017 3:01 am

I have had the same problems over the past year, and in similar conditions. I only use it for recording and editing, do not use MIDI or IAA, and keep the CPU well in the green.

Dragging (moving) audio often crashes Auria.
The more splitting, copying and individual clip editing you do to any one track, the greater the chance becomes that you will get a corrupted file that may even prevent the entire project from loading or playing back properly.

The only advice I can offer is back up frequently and use the Snapshot function. I use AudioShare to save the original, pre-edited WAV for each track. If something goes wrong, I still have the original.
With effects plug-ins, always save a preset with the track name once you have the settings where you like them. Again, good insurance if something goes wrong
On the plus side, I've never had more than one individual track get corrupted in any project.

I love Auria, and prefer working with this interface to my desktop, but I have had more corrupted audio files in one year on Auria than I had in ten on my desktop. The lack of stability has put me off going to Auria Pro. I would love to have MIDI and IAA/AU running as well, but given the performance problems just with audio, I am not confident enough to increase the burden. When everything works, it's brilliant; i'm still using it, and have successfully mixed down finished tracks running multiple instances of fab filter fx, so it is possible.

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Re: Crashing and File Corruption

Post by Anthony Alves » Tue Mar 21, 2017 9:49 am

Unfortunately this behaviour your mentioning on an iPad Pro just doesnt fit the majority of users. I personally use AuriaPro everyday in a proffessional setting and I edit tons on every track without any problems. Tip. Try to take a break and reboot your iPad often durring editing sessions to clear your iPads memory. This will prevent any crashes. Remember this is an iPad with minimal ram for todays standards and not a desktop. Also note that iOS always leaves it's memory reserved for the operating system not your app running. Notice your iPad never requires rebooting durring a crash like a desktop will. So keeping your memory under control is tantamount in iOS recording. Cheers.

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