Default State of MIDI Piano Roll Editor

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Default State of MIDI Piano Roll Editor

Post by FranksRiffs » Thu Apr 11, 2019 10:10 am

It appears that the piano roll editor does not default to edit mode but to draw mode. This can be awkward as the zoom level and position is almost never where you want it when you open the editor. Quickly using your fingers to zoom and scroll can place notes in errant places.

If the default mode should be edit and not draw I’m not really sure why the edit mode should be capable of adding notes at all. It is also interesting that you can’t use edit mode to lasso notes and then switch to draw mode to drag them or drag the while in edit mode.

Just some observations, personally I like to be able to lock vertical or horizontal movement when editing to make the process quicker and more accurate as it Cubasis or MultiTrackStudio.

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