crash with OS 10.35 using (12") IPAD PRO 2017/2018

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crash with OS 10.35 using (12") IPAD PRO 2017/2018

Post by mididrum » Fri Oct 25, 2019 3:58 am

each time pushing on the screen(ipad pro big size) (or sliding quick) crashes auria, coming back with All datas (ok!) but without proper screen definition
needs to reset it properly (!) by menu settings
This is not recent !!!Boring, but os 10.35 works so perfect with my others 300 gigas apps i don't need new upadate to os bugs
so to save from heart attacks..on crashed PRO sessions...i use AUM ...Pity !!!! Auria for my private use.only ...

second reason : your BORING listing for BLUE IAA as well green AUV3 (no logo AND effects with synths mixed together)
MORE All by brand names often different of Their APP name
time lost, crazy to find proper ones, crash screen by fingers out listing borders or wrong choice mistakes...VERY unsafe and time consumming to get proper one needed
Please check logos on... :any Other DAWS (AUM,Garageband,audiobus,cubasis) to understand MY troubled meaning ...
do you think AURIA better on Recent OS (any way too late, now it',s bugged OS 13 obligation!!!)
hope you get soon perfect on Ipad Os 13 ....(mouse used)when ... ever safe (?!?!?!?)
best regards from formal YOUR fan of AURIA

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