Auria Pro does not record ‚note-on velocity 0‘ if issued by midi plugin

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Auria Pro does not record ‚note-on velocity 0‘ if issued by midi plugin

Post by -ki » Sat May 30, 2020 12:49 am

This bug was found during investigation of the ‚EG Pluse midi recording problem‘ mentioned in another thread

How to reproduce
  • Open Auria Pro, add midi track this will have a Lyra piano in its instrument slot
  • Add the free ‚Audeonic StreamByter (Intrument)‘ AU plugin in first insert slot.
    Beware: Do not load the ‚Audeonic StreamByter‘ variant, as that is midi-only and does not forward audio (there is already a AP bug-report concerning this behavior)
  • Load the following script:

    Code: Select all

    If LOAD
      Set Q0 Note_ON +BUTTON
      Set Q1 Vel0_OFF +BUTTON
      Set Q2 True_OFF +BUTTON
      Set Q3 +HIDE
      Set Q4 +HIDE
      Set Q5 +HIDE
      Set Q6 +HIDE
      Set Q7 +HIDE
      Set slider_display 1
    If M0 == F0 7D 01
      If M3 == 0
        set lb0 SOn
        Send 90 40 60
      If M3 == 1
        set lb0 SOff_V0
        Send 90 40 00
      If M3 == 2
        set lb0 SOff_True
        Send 80 40 00
    The script allows to issue fixed ‚note on‘, ‚note on with velocity zero‘ (which should be treated as note off according to midi standard) and true ‚note off‘ midi messages using GUI buttons
  • Set BPM to 60 for convienience, enable midi note recording for the track, set track to record enable
  • Open Auria Pro keyboard, point to track one
  • Open the midi plugin (from channel strip, inserts)
  • As a first test, start recording and act like described in the image:
    This shows that a sequence of note-on and true note-off is recorded and played back without problem if issued by a midi plugin.
  • Now for the error case, delete the recorded data and re-record using the ‚note-on‘ and ‚note-on vel zero‘ buttons instead
=> The last step shows that recording a ‚note-on‘ / ‚note-on vel zero‘ sequence is not recorded to track (even if audible during recording) when issued by a midi plugin.

The same applies if the midi plugin generating such a sequence is in the instrument slot, like in the case of EG Pulse mentioned above.


If the exact same script is used in AudioBus and then the midi is send over to Auria Pro, AP will record such a ‚note-on‘ / ‚note-on vel zero‘ sequence, upon inspection of the tracks midi data it seems that external midi ‚note-on vel zero‘ get converted to true-note off. External midi keyboards sending ‚note-on velocity zero‘ instead of note-off are also recorded correctly.


Additionally it would be really nice, if a ‚midi only plugin‘ in the insert fx slots would be skipped in the audio chain, as these never will forward the audio buffer.

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Re: Auria Pro does not record ‚note-on velocity 0‘ if issued by midi plugin

Post by soulgolem » Thu Jun 18, 2020 11:30 pm

i wish the développer would fix these bugs, i’m starting to regret buying this app, i made my purchase based on what features the app store said it had, but so many midi things like this one aren’t addressed and are obviously broken.

i feel lied to, and i’m not very rich, so it hurts badly.

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