Behringer xr18 with 7 separate mixes!!!

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Behringer xr18 with 7 separate mixes!!!

Post by Thederekfrank » Thu Oct 26, 2017 9:49 pm

I stumbled on a great little tool with using my Behringer xr18 and Auria Pro. If you set each channel output to a direct channel, you can then route it in both the Auria and Xair martrix and have it send to individual channels on the Xr18. Just go up to input on each channel and switch it over to USB.

This is great for having multiple players recording at once as well as using Auria as an Ableton Live type set up. I am going to get a video of how to do this. Also, you can control the mixes from several different devices and tablets at the same time.

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