IRig HD2 LH Channel only recording

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IRig HD2 LH Channel only recording

Post by cumminsn » Wed Dec 26, 2018 9:25 am

Hi Experts,
Amongst a myriad of non-functionality when connected to Windows based DAWs,I'm having more success with a new IRig HD2 in the IOS environment.

One small problem is that when I record any guitar clips in Auria Pro using either Amplitube or BIAS FX,only the LH channel is being captured.

I don't have the same issue when using an alternative IOS based DAW which captures both LH and RH channels correctly.

Is there a config setting I've overlooked here to enable both channel recording?

I'm sure I've seen other posts on here relating to the same issue,I just can't find them...


Neil Cummins

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