need a new audio interface...

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need a new audio interface...

Post by brynte5 » Sun Mar 01, 2020 3:27 am

i need to get a new audio interface for my ipad.
i currently have the ipad air 2, but i'm hoping the rumours of new ipad pro versions being released soon, is correct.
if so, i'll probably buy one of those new ones.
if not, i'll probably buy the latest ipad pro version available.

i've read/ watched a lot, regarding audio interfaces lately and right now, i'm leaning towards the following 2:
* audient id44
* focusrite clarett 4pre usb

i've been in contact with audient and they don't recommend the id44, for use with the ipad.
this is very unfortunate, as i was pretty set on buying this.
this is what audient wrote to me:
"i'm afraid the id44 isn't ipad compatibleand there is no software which can control the id44 on ios.
i can't recommend the id44 for use on ios"
they also wrote, in another response:
"the only device from our interface range that we officially support for ios is the id4.
you might be able to use our other interfaces as simple input and output devices with an ipad, but they are not fully ios compatible, as some features require the id mixer software in order to be used, while all features for the id4 are available from the unit itself."

so, it doesn't sound very promising, but i appreciate their honesty.
i'm pretty sure though, that i've read about ipad musicians, successfully using other audient audio intefaces, than the id4...
anyone here using audient (other than id4) with your ipad and can share some info about this?
anyone here actually using the id44 specifically, with your ipad?

regarding my other option, the focusrite audio interface...
it doesn't seem to have any ipad software either, from what i've read?
i haven't been in contact with them yet, but i probably will...
anyone here using one of the clarett 2/4/8pre usb audio intefaces and can share some info about this?

both of my options are a pretty costly, so i just wanna make 100% sure, that i won't run into any compatibility problems, using them with my ipad/ pc setup.
i'd really appreciate some help from users of these audio interfaces, that could help me decide the very best/ right option.

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Re: need a new audio interface...

Post by Espiegel123 » Sun Mar 01, 2020 2:18 pm

You might want to ask on the Audiobus forum. There is a lot more activity there. So, you are more likely to find people who have tried the interfaces and can share their experiences.

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