Tascam Stupid Deal

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Tascam Stupid Deal

Post by supanorton » Sun Feb 02, 2014 7:46 am

Tascam IUR2 on sale for $39. Never tried it, but it might worth a shot at that price.

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Re: Tascam Stupid Deal

Post by martygras » Mon Feb 03, 2014 3:43 pm

Now (Feb 3rd) it's some headphones.
They must use the same link for all "stupid deals of the day".
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Re: Tascam Stupid Deal

Post by Jus » Mon Feb 03, 2014 4:11 pm

That Tascam looked a great buy bargain of the day (decade even ) , if that link is from day to day it's worth keeping in a bookmark 8)

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Re: Tascam Stupid Deal

Post by local12 » Sun Jan 18, 2015 5:20 pm

Is the Tascam 4x4 a good fit with Auria? I seems to be a good 4 input value.

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Re: Tascam Stupid Deal

Post by Br8zinn » Mon Jan 19, 2015 9:04 am

Looks like ta scam is trying to market here..lol...while I love tascam,and actually still have there equipment ,a 24 track studio....with cd burning....remember the days of the modules,,,,proteus,jv1080....yep still keep all my old gear,..moved to an alesis workstation,still have,great all in one studio....pro tools CUBASE......still have.....yet....when I moved over to the ipad....,,I started writing with more hands on,quick ,flex.....no cables....no nothing...just me my ax an ipad....I was blown away...at 51....back in the day,,,,it was studio time....spending$$$.....remember DAT....well...we used reel to real..lol...and...then me and a friend started making music with the Atari set up he whimmed up..
Now it's sooooo much easier......faster...so I can concentrate on the song and not the equipment...and Noo HISS,HA,
So....why all this....cause in the end....all these companies hate the ipad,I was once pretty much kicked out of a giutar store helping somebody out in all this...lol...so what I'm getting at...is either these companies go with the flow or they will become relics....and they know this so a lot of them are adhering,,,,whilist using marketing in anyway possible to get rid of gear...well that isn't worth it's cost anymore...so I'm skeptic about some of these links,please don't be offended,
But time waits for no one....make no mistake about it...the ipad is no toy....and apps like AURIA...are proving that...
Now it's down to the lap top vs an ipad.......yet apple ain't sleeping as I've heard rumors about a new larger ipad that will run like a Mac Pro /ipad hybrid....and when this happens.....well...alot of these companies are going to have to wake up so to speak and smell the coffee....and this they know....so they are pulling all the rabbits out of the hat,marketing gear that is more cost effective....and less creative friendly hands on then an ipad....I mean..just think....if you own a grocery store and your products are almost expiring and at the same time your trying to stay in flight ...so what do you do...you market and use all strings in the game to sell them ol products...thus you have the deal of the day...lmaoooo,
And hey I'm not knocking anyone..lol..cause we have to survive....just being real on all this.....especially for those who don't have all the funds to dispose of in life....make no mistake about it the ipad kicks ass.....and yes the argument will be,noooo...you can't really produce a cd with an ipad,it's good to get ideas on but not full production....well sorry folks ,it's happening...and I can tell you I have countless friends who I adapted to AURAI...they just keep it quite,cause,well since the industry is skeptic on all this,,,they feel from a marketing point of view,that well,saying that you produced an entire jazz album /cd.....just with an ipad...well...it's not respected yet in full...in the industry so an artist might not be taken as seriously in that said genre of music.....it's ego,,,it's marketing,and it's knowledge as even though you can do soooo much with just an ipad....if you never worked with pro tools,ect....you might not have that creative thought quick abstract pattern in your brains so to speak to make an ipad and AURIA,ect...blow Bells and whistles ,,,no offense,but here is where,,paying your dues and knowing your stuff comes into play...so it's not that easy I'm seeing for a novice to just start out with an ipad....lol....but..like I said....make no mistake about it...all this gear in my studio is becoming my museum of how I started....lol....and it's only just begun...from the machine daw...to ipad..times are changing..so I understand .......cause once food is expired....(remember the cassette tascamm... Studios....)...well not too many people will have use for it....thus I can only warn all these companies to get with it join the party,stop going against the grain,forget the marketing deal of the day and really shop online and in stores for that said equipment if you want something like that....careful about wasting your money on something that may throw you back in time and may give you more problems in the future then it's worth....nothing wrong with using old equipment ect..so to speak,,it's more about the sound ,the tone,the song,and what you feel comfortable with within your budget as well...I can only conclude with,
HEY TASCAM..wake up.....bring down those prices ,take a loss....?maybe....but it's going to happen anyway...YOU CANT stop the future....time waits for no one....THE UINIVERSE IS EXPANDING.....AND SO IS AURAI.....YEAH....cheers..

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