FabFilter Volcano 2 automation issue

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FabFilter Volcano 2 automation issue

Post by ChrisG » Tue May 24, 2016 2:39 am

So this has kinda been bugging me since Volcano 2 first came out for Auria a couple of years ago. Any automation done with the X/Y pad(s) in Volcanos modulation section does not survive a reload of the project. It records just fine and plays back as it should, but load another project and then come back to the "volcano project" and that automation is gone. Not sure if the other FabFilters have this issue as well.

Easy to replicate.

1. Make a new project with at least 1 audio track

2. Slap some audio on that track (long enough to record at least a little automation)

3. Add volcano 2 to that channel strip/insert

4. In the Volcano 2 presets menu open "Best of"-> "Add some spice FL" (it doesn't matter what preset you use, but it's the first one in the list and it has an X/Y pad)

5. Arm Volcano by pressing the W (write) and record some movements on the XY pad. Make sure R (read) is lit up in Volcano, play it back to make sure the automation got recorded.

6. Open another project, go back to this project again, and the automation is gone

All this said, I could be missing something obvious (I usually do!:)

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