DropBox not syncing

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Re: DropBox not syncing

Post by spacebox » Thu Mar 15, 2018 8:28 am

Hi Rim

Giving up on trying to sync with Dropbox :(

Tried everything described in this thread over and over again.
Closed Auria. Uninstalled Dropbox App. Rebooted iPad. Connected Auria Pro to Dropbox again.

Half of my projects don‘t upload successfully to Dropbox. The other half does. (All my projects are still very small - not much data)
The ones which don‘t will leave a project folder (instead of a project file) inside the Auria folder on dropbox. When reimporting such projects into Auria multiple audio files will be missing. (Audio regions are still displayed but actual waveforms are missing)
Pretty dangerous since the reimport of such a „backup“ can easily overwrite/destroy your project which is stored locally.

I get the error message „there was an error uploading to your dropbox account“ while the last file „Overview Data“ is uploaded.

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Re: DropBox not syncing

Post by Rim » Tue Mar 20, 2018 12:56 pm

This is a common problem and is not related to the other issues described in this thread (which have all been fixed by Dropbox when they updated their system a few months back). What you describe typically happens when there's a poor quality internet connection between your iPad and Dropbox's servers. The Dropbox API will attempt to transfer a file several times, but will eventually give up and abort the operation if it fails too many times due to network issues. Can you try this with a solid internet connection (close to the router)? I have tested Dropbox with very large projects and have no issues here.

If this only happens on a particular project (or only on certain ones), it's also possible that the project is corrupted. This would cause problems similar to what you describe (if Dropbox can't open a particular file because it's corrupted, etc).


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