XR18 very low playback volume

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XR18 very low playback volume

Post by DovGoldman » Wed Feb 17, 2021 5:03 am

I’m using my XR18 via USB into my 2018 IPad Pro via an Apple Multimedia adapter.

I’ve got no problems recording. Playback volume, however, is ridiculously low.

My configuration:

Auria Pro Output Matrix: Master -> 17/18 (XR18 Aux)
XR18 USB Returns - 17/18 -> Aux L/R

My gain-staging is correct. I’m as high up as I can go without hitting red.

If I raise the channel sliders during playback, it’s better.

Is there any global way to improve this?


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Re: XR1ed 8 very low playback volume

Post by mididrum » Sun Mar 28, 2021 6:26 am

xr 18 has many settings for volume you must use its remote wifi controler xair to ipad as well to pc, then explore its settings that are independant of rack physical trimmer
i use xr18 (best usb mixer) controlled both by ipad and pc NO PROBLEM from auria
the needed adapter usb is camera usb3 to lightning, charging ipad as well as controling behringer midi and audio 18 .channels in and outs
the trick is everything in’out gets virtual routers, trimmers,SUB masters
name and save all corrections as well in memory and snapshot
for ease of viewing settings, first time better use a pc to big tv screen with usb.wifi mouse then you can control with ipad app similar use, just need swap screens
idem save in out correctly numbered routings into AURIA maps in channels as well master and monitoring outs
while auria and xr18 fit and match perfectly, both are so PROFESSIONAL than you probably need help, settings are nearly impossible to understand by beginners
maybe somebody could download presets matching for both, sorry i travel without interface so i can only give virtual help , having spent hours to get perfect results, i know how frustrating it CAN be , but once done you cannot find better STUDIO DAW

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for COREY IAA map

Post by mididrum » Sun Mar 28, 2021 6:51 am

PLEASE create a MODERN IAA map using LOGOS Same do AUM and garageband etc..
so much TIME and FEELING lost at wrong tricky fingers choice than most Ex user as ME use 90% AUM ( to AURIA =WORST tricky matching ) so AURIA now turns only as a Mastering TOOL for waves instead of formerly our main perfect LIVE DAW it used to ( and should) be,now too much frustrating for same use of instruments we need to swap and check QUICKLY ,while names by manufacturers brand makes impossible needed QUICK test,check,choice of sounds by composer player,
THANKS to rerurn AURIA MIXER to its original competition winner with LIVE ableton for MUSICIANS where technician cannot help keyboardist ALWAYS using FIRST app by brands LOGOS

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